Dear Students,
With respect to the changes in the syllabus of some of the subjects and new questions MSQ (Multi selected questions), we assure you the following:
  • All new topics will be covered in both DEEP LEARN and in ONLINE CLASSES in detail and in-depth.
  • We will Add MSQ’s in all the subjects/topics which are already uploaded and which will be uploaded shortly.
  • All test series will be conducted including MSQ’s so that you will be more comfortable and confident in your preparation journey.
  • Even though some of the topics are removed from GATE 2021, we will upload them so that you will have an added advantage for your interviews, Public sector undertakings, State service commissions, and various other public and private organizations.
  • The online test series is being modified according to the new pattern and it may take a few days for us to make it available to you.

Please don’t panic about the changes. These changes in the new pattern account only up to 2-3% and we are there to support you throughout your preparation journey.

We will shortly be coming up with the set of video to make you familiar with the current changes and updates on the new pattern.

Have belief in yourself
Believe us