Telangana State Public Service Commission is the youngest Public Service Commission in the country constituted vide GO Ms No.43, GA(Ser.A) Department, dt. 08.08.2014. Hyderabad State was one of the prominent princely State in India and inherits over 400 years of rich tradition and culture with unparalleled grace and historical significance. The system of selecting young talent for public services through a process of selection was in vogue in the Hyderabad State since the period of Mir Mahaboob Ali Pasha, VI Nizam (1869-1911). Hyderabad Civil Service Committee was established by the 1919 Firman and the Hyderabad Public Service Commission was established by a Firman on 27 April 1947 emulating the model of British Provincial Public Service Commission with a Chairman and Members not exceeding four in number. The establishment of the Commission was a significant landmark during the Asaf Jahi rule and brought the entire administrative machinery of civil services of the Nizam’s State in tune with the modern times and Hyderabad Civil Service was considered a coveted and elite service in those days.
The Telangana State Public Service Commission, endowed with such rich legacy of over 150 years of recruiting young talent through selection, shall endeavour to make use of this heritage for selecting the best talents in Telangana for reconstruction and resurrecting the glorious past of Telangana.

Formation of Telangana State & constitution of TSPSC: 

Under the A.P. re-organisation Act 2014, the Telangana State came into existence with effect from the appointed day i.e., 02.06.2014.
Constitution of Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC)
Section 83(2) of the Andhra Pradesh Re-Organisation Act, 2014 (Central Act.6/2014) provides for constitution of a Public Service Commission in the Successor State of Telangana read as follows.
83(2) There shall be constituted a Public Service Commission in accordance with article 315 of Constitution by the successor State of Telangana, and until such Commission is constituted, the Union Public Service Commission may, with the approval of the President, agree to serve the needs of the State of Telangana in terms of clause(4) of that article.
In exercise of the powers conferred under Article 315(1) of Constitution of India, His Excellency the Governor of Telangana constituted the Public Service Commission for the State of Telangana with immediate effect for making selections to the posts under various categories meant for direct recruitment under its purview in the State of Telangana and for carrying out functions under article 320 of Constitution of India orders issues vide GO Ms No.43, GA(Ser.A) Department, dt. 8.8.2014. Accordingly the Government of Telangana has formulated and issued Telangana State Public Service Commission Regulations 2014 vide GO Ms.No.44, Genl. Admn. (Ser.A) Dept., dated 08/08/2014.
In exercise of the powers conferred under Article 316(1) & (2) of the Constitution of India, His Excellence Governor of Telangana is pleased to appoint Prof. Ghanta Chakrapani, a well known academician, journalist and a popular political analyst in telugu media, as the First Chairman of the newly constituted Telangana State Public Service Commission orders issued vide GO Ms No.169 GA (Ser.A) Department, Dt.17.12.2014.