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Our course offers practical training and real projects, just like you'd work on in a tech job. It's a straightforward path to your dream career in technology.

₹6L - ₹13L/yr

AI/ML Engineer’s average salary
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4.7 M

AI/ML Jobs to be Created in 5 Years
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From Classroom to Career: In-Depth AI/ML Program

Transform your curiosity into expertise with our structured live sessions, projects, and mock interviews.

200+ Hrs of Live Classes

Engage in extensive live interactions for an immersive learning experience tailored to your pace.

15+ Real-Time Projects

Work on a variety of projects that reflect the current demands of the tech industry.

20+ Assignments

Enhance your skill set with a series of targeted assignments designed for practical learning.

2-3 Mock Interviews

Experience the interview process with professionals to sharpen your responses and techniques.

Tech Launchpad

Elevate your potential with the tools that turn tech enthusiasts into AI/ML experts.

Programming Languages & Libraries

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)


Cloud Services

Unlock Tech Potential - Learn Key AI/ML Tools!

Skill Up with Insider Expertise

Leverage insider know-how, build a stand-out resume, and work on projects that solidify your expertise.

Guidance from Tech Gurus

Score tips and tricks from the tech pros of India. Our one-on-one mentoring puts you in touch with industry leaders ready to guide you in AI and ML.

Your Resume, Redefined

Make your first impression count with a standout resume and LinkedIn profile. Our team helps you polish your professional story so you can shine in India's tech job market.

Real Projects, Real Skills

Jump into live projects from Indian tech companies and start solving real problems. It’s hands-on learning that proves you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

Proof That You Can

Show off your AI/ML skills with a certificate that tells employers you're job-ready. Complete projects that matter, and get the proof to back it up in your interviews.

AI/ML Roadmap to Success

Step up your game in tech with a focused, incremental learning plan designed for aspiring AI/ML professionals.

Course Curriculum



Fundamental SQL Statements, DML & Filtering, Ordering, Aggregate, Joins, Mathematical Functions, and Date - Time Functions

Python Setup + Verison Control

Introduction to Git, Common Git commands, Anaconda Installation, Jupyter Notebook Setup, and Google Collab

Basics of Python

Python Basics, Python Functions and Packages Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn

Applied Statistics + Python Vis

Basic Statistics, Probability & Conditional Probability, and Hypothesis Testing


EDA and Data Preprocessing

Encoding Techniques, Scaling, Normalization, Data imputation, and Outlier Analysis

Supervised Learning

Logistic Regression, KNN Classification, Linear Regression, Naive Bayes Classifiers, Decision Tree, and SVM


Ensemble techniques

Boosting, and Bagging

Unsupervised learning

Clustering, and PCA



Feature Engineering, Cross Validation, Grid Search CV, Random Search CV, and ML Pipeline

Recommendation Systems

Popularity based recommendation system, Content Based Recommendation System, and Collobarative Filering


Neural Networks

Introduction to Neural Networks, Activation and Loss functions, Backward and forward propagation, Gradient Descent Batch Normalization, TensorFlow & Keras for Neural Networks, and Hyper Parameter Tuning


Computer Vision


Model Deployment

Introduction to MLOps, and Deploying Machine Learning Models

Overview on AI tools

Overview on AI tools



AI/ML Career Trajectory

A glance at the key career phases for aspiring AI/ML engineers.

Seal Your Expertise with Our Certificate

Gain a competitive edge in the job market with our recognized certificate of AI/ML proficiency.

Key Benefits

  • LinkedIn Boost: Display your AI/ML expertise on LinkedIn with our certificate.
  • Resume Enhancement: Highlight your AI/ML skills and learning commitment on your resume.
  • Social Sharing: Publicize your AI/ML success on social media to attract peers and employers.

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