Next-Gen AI & ML Bootcamp:
Craft Your AI Career

Embark on a transformative journey with our immersive two-day bootcamp. Gain invaluable insights from AI industry experts and seamlessly pivot your career into the dynamic and sought-after field of machine learning.

Bootcamp on 10th & 11th Feb, 2024

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Our Trainers


16+ yrs of experience in teaching


13+ yrs of experience in the industry

Ex. Walmart

Embark on a 2-Day Expedition into AI & ML

Unlock the potential of AI with India's current trends and tools in a power-packed weekend boot camp.

Learn foundational concepts

Chart your AI & ML career path with insights into India's tech sector, uncovering job trends and growth opportunities.

Real-Time Experience

Tackle real-world AI & ML challenges through live project scenarios, experiencing the pace and innovation of the industry.

Guidance from Industry Experts

Gain insights from top AI & ML professionals, learning through their experiences to navigate the industry successfully.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Directly engage with AI & ML experts in Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding and resolve your queries.

AI Bootcamp Details

This immersive AI Bootcamp thoroughly explains foundational ML concepts and gives you practical experience working with machine learning, Data Analysis & Processing, Common Algorithms and working with Recommendation Systems

Learning Path

Day 1 (3 Hours)

  • Setting Sail: Orientation
  • AI/ML Job and Study prospects
  • Introduction to AI/ML Jargon
  • Eagle’s eye view of AI/ML Landscape
  • AI/ML Applications Across Domains

Day 2 (6-7 Hours)

  • Unveiling the black box: The generic modeling framework
  • Predicting the Future: A Regression Odyssey
  • Decoding Patterns: A Classification Adventure
  • Neighbors Know Best: The KNN Quest

The rapid advancement of AI and ML in India is boosting salaries and creating more jobs in the tech industry.

₹6L - ₹13L/yr

AI/ML Engineer’s average salary Source: Glassdoor

4.7 M

AI/ML Jobs to be Created in 5 Years Source: Business Standard

Top firms hiring AI professionals

Key Technologies & Tools

Build your skill with foundations in machine learning and deep learning.

Earn a career certificate

Add this credential to your LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV Share it on social media and in your performance review

Accelerate your expertise with key industry features and trends.